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Wholesale and dealers

For years, we have been specialized as a parquet supplier for wholesale and dealers. We’ve proved ourselves as a reliable partner for the delivery of all kinds of (side) products: boarded floors, stair renovation and laminated parquet. To do so, we manufacture our products in our factory in Beuningen, near Nijmegen.

We would like to give you a selection of relevant product info:

Laminated parquet
Our system consists of a multiplex sub support from 9, 12 or 15 millimetres. On top are precious woods from 3, 4 or 6 millimetres, available in several widths. Cold, full cover glued, suitable for floor warming and cooling. In three selections: nature, rustic and decor. Also with different types of finishing: smoked, antiquated, brushed or planed. Up to 24 centimetres wide, and also available in herringbone design.

Boarded floors
Massive wood of 20 millimetres thick, in materials and a finish such al laminated parquet. The type of wood is most of the time oak. But also other types are possible. For example: Cottage (brisk), Charrel (warmth), Champêtre Old Style (antiquated).

Stair renovation
The minimal size of a tread is 60×100. Treads are available in 19 millimetres (massive) or double layer: 16 and 19 millimetres thick. All of this can be supplied with or without silicon gripper. The finishing can differ too. The nosing are 6, 6,5 or 7 centimetres high.

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As a parquet manufacturing company, we supply to wholesale and dealers.
Boarded floors from the family company Van Kesteren
equals the quality and atmosphere of a true home.

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