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Van Kesteren

The history of our parquet manufacturing business proves the passion we feel for customizing wood. Right now, the fifth generation of our family is in charge of the company. The passion never stops. We think that wood can be used for beautiful products, all turning a house into a home.

With this in mind, we manufacture and supply parquet. Today, we supply to wholesale and dealers, with help of our ten employees. They all understand and use the craftsmanship of parquet. Quality isn’t just a word we say, it is also what we actually deliver. Since 1860.

Parquet manufacturer and supplier Van Kesteren has always been fascinated by the possibilities of wood. At first, by sawing it, in our sawmill in the village of Elden – near Arnhem. But that was in 1860. Time has moved, and so have we. Besides passion, we’ve gained craftsmanship and all the knowledge there is on wood and, more specific, parquet.

We began to specialize in the eighties. At first, we started with scuffing traditional parquet and manufacturing boarded floors. The parquet business in Beuningen that we run today, opened in the year 2004. What once started as a modest sawmill, nowadays is a quality supplier of parquet, for wholesale and dealers.

As a parquet manufacturing company, we supply to wholesale and dealers.
Boarded floors from the family company Van Kesteren
equals the quality and atmosphere of a true home.

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